Smyrna Tennessee Nissan Plant Becomes Top Producing Assembly Facility in North America

2014 LEAF assembled at Smyrna Tennessee Nissan plant
2014 Nissan LEAF

Nissan News is reporting that Nissan’s vehicle assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee is, through the first seven months of 2014, the automotive industry’s top-producing facility in North America.

Smyrna Tennessee Nissan Plant

The Smyrna Tennessee Nissan plant in Smyrna manufactured a total of 334,082 Nissan from January to June of this year, which is a remarkable 40.5 percent increase over the same period in 2013. Randy Knight, the Smyrna facility’s vice president of manufacturing, told the Daily News Journal that he has made it his personal goal to make the Smyrna plant Nissan’s first choice for any new vehicles.

“We’re doing good things here,” said Knight. “In 2007, 2008 and 2009, we got caught up in recession like everyone else. We’re very blessed to have made the decisions that we did at that time. That makes us an attractive plant for Nissan.”

Models Assembled at the Smyrna Tennessee Nissan Plant

Some of the great Nissan models produced at the Smyrna facility include the Nissan Altima, Maxima, Rogue, Pathfinder, Infiniti QX60, and the all-electric plug-in LEAF.

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Andrés Iniesta and Thiago Silva Joining Nissan’s Team

Business Wire reports that Barcelona and Spain midfielder Andrés Iniesta and Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain captain Thiago Silva have been announced as Nissan’s first global ambassadors for its Union of European Football Associations Champions League partnership.

New Nissan ‘Engineers of Excitement’

As Nissan Engineers of Excitement, Iniesta and Silva will help Nissan introduce new innovations to enhance the football experience for fans, and star in an ad campaign that premiered during global coverage of the UEFA Super Cup on August 12.

Bastien Schupp, Vice President of Marketing for Nissan Europe, said in a statement, “Nissan is absolutely delighted to welcome Andrés and Thiago to the Nissan family as our UEFA Champions League ambassadors and we are really excited that they will be heavily involved in our brand new global advertising campaign. As two of the game’s leading players who have won multiple titles between them, Andrés and Thiago will bring their passion and enthusiasm to Nissan and together we will innovate to excite the fans.”

Nissan UEFA Iniesta Silva = Great Combination

Thiago Silva said, “I’m very happy to be working with Nissan over the upcoming football season. The UEFA Champions League is a great tournament which features some of the best teams, players, managers and innovators in the game. The week-in-week-out drama on and off the pitch over a season truly excites and is what fans thrive on.”

Nissan UEFA Iniesta Silva generate as much excitement as the new Altima
Can UEFA’s Iniesta and Silva generate as much excitement as the 2015 Nissan Altima?

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Bret Michaels Nissan Commercial Has “Endless Love” For Nissan Commercial Vans reports that Nissan is launching a hilarious new marketing campaign that features POISON lead singer Bret Michaels. The Rock of Love reality-show star will be the centerpiece of their “Tough Love” digital and print campaign, which promotes the new line of Nissan NV commercial vans.

A four minute music video set at the Nissan Testing Facility in Stanfield, Arizona showcases Michaels as he serenades NV commercial vans with a rendition of the 80’s classic “Endless Love.” In addition to rocking out, Michaels is shown putting the vans through rigorous tests, including a 140-degree heat chamber, a salt spray tunnel, a frame twister, and a shaker machine. The Bret Michaels Nissan commercial concludes with the tagline, “Nissan Commercial Vans: The Tougher We Test Them, The More You Love Them.”

Bret Michaels Nissan Commercial

“As one of the newest nameplates in the commercial vehicle segment, we want to bring attention to the operational efficiency of our innovative, durable Nissan NV Cargo, NV Passenger and NV200 Cargo vans – but do it in a way that gets business owners’ attention,” said Fred Diaz, the senior vice president of Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations. “Bret Michaels, with his reputation as an enduring icon of rock, was not only a perfect fit for the vehicles, he was also a valued collaborator in developing the ‘Tough Love’ campaign. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he understands the needs of small business owners for trucks you can depend on.”

According to Diaz, Bret Michaels is “a true hardcore car and motorcycle enthusiast and really took an interest in the entire development and testing process. He had a very organic understanding of the level of testing that takes place behind the secure walls of the test facility.” If you, like Bret Michaels, are a true automotive enthusiast, then check out the great selection available here at Mitchell Nissan.

Two Nissan Vehicles Recognized in JD Power APEAL Study

If you’re looking for a compact SUV with appeal, look no further than the 2014 Nissan Rogue. According to the 2014 JD Power Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout (APEAL) Study, the 2014 Rogue is the most popular compact SUV with a segment-best score of 786, while the Nissan Quest was the highest ranked in the minivan segment with 790 points.

JD Power APEAL Study and the Nissan Rogue
2014 Nissan Rogue rated most popular compact SUV

“The all-new 2014 Rogue has received numerous accolades in the automotive industry, but the most important test comes when owners evaluate the vehicle for themselves,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president of Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations. “Driven by owner feedback, the J.D. Power APEAL study serves as an important benchmark indicating where our products stand with consumers. It’s both an honor and a demonstration to the quality of our vehicles for Rogue and Quest to rank highest in their segments.”

JD Power APEAL Study and the Nissan Quest
2014 Nissan Quest – highest rated minivan

The 2014 J.D. Power APEAL Study reviewed surveys from more than 86,000 purchasers and lessees of new 2014 model-year cars and light trucks. To see the complete results of this J.D. Power study, click here and come in to Mitchell Nissan today to test drive one of our top ranking vehicles!

Nissan Tests Self-Cleaning Paint On European LEAF Models

How awesome would the Nissan Leaf be with self-cleaning paint?
New vocabulary words to learn: superhydrophobic and oleonphopic

Imagine driving a car that you never have to clean, no matter how many bugs you hit while you’re driving. This is the future for Nissan vehicles, as the Japanese carmaker begins testing a self-cleaning paint on all-electric LEAF models in Europe.

The self-cleaning paint, which is called “superhydrophobic and oleonphopic,” is designed to repel various liquids, such as oil or standing water, away from the car’s surface. According to Nissan, the self-cleaning paint, which is called Ultra-Ever Dry, creates a layer of air around the vehicle surface—think force field without the ability to zap.

“The 100 percent electric LEAF provides the perfect canvas for this new, advanced paint technology,” said Pierre Loing, vice president of Product Planning for Nissan North America, Inc. “This is one LEAF that never has to stop at gas stations—not even for a car wash.”

Nissan is using this technology to continue the LEAF’s reputation as the world’s cleanest car. There are currently no plans to test the self-cleaning paint in North America, though, so it looks like for now, you’re still going to have to go to the car wash.

Nissan Invites Truck Enthusiasts to Build Project Titan

Nissan is inviting truck enthusiasts to join in “Project Titan,” the crowd-sourced effort to build the ultimate off-road-capable truck equipped with customized features designed to conquer extreme terrain.

To determine the kind of adventure the Titan will face, Nissan asked more than 2,500 shooting, hunting, and outdoor journalists to submit their “ultimate outdoor adventure” via Twitter or video. The idea is that whether the challenges involve four-wheeling across the Baja, hunting big game in Alaska, or fishing for steelhead in Idaho, the Project Titan can and will be modified to rise up to the task.

before pic of Project Titan
The ‘before’ picture of the Project Titan. What will it look like at the end?

Part of that capability can be attributed to the Titan’s optional Cummins 5.0-liter V8 Turbo Diesel engine, which will feature more than 300 horsepower and torque ratings in the mid-500s.

“Nissan is invested in designing the most innovative trucks ever. Projects like this allow us to gather input directly from industry leading media members and those companies that embrace an outdoor lifestyle in their work and play, helping us deliver trucks that buyers want to own,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales and Marketing, Parts and Service in the U.S.

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Nissan “No Charge to Charge” Program Offers Incentive for Leaf Sales

Nissan “No Charge to Charge” Program
Program allows LEAF owners to charge their car for free

We might be biased, seeing as we work at a Nissan dealership, but the Nissan “No Charge to Charge” program is certainly a brilliant incentive program. The program, which was first teased at the New York Auto Show, is now up and running in certain markets here in the United States. The program allows new Nissan Leaf owners to charge their EV for free at participating charging stations, and, even better, most public stations are indeed participating.

“There is an expectation that we’ll get a sales increase out of this,” Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of sales and infrastructure, said. “All the dealer has to say is that we have one card that accesses all chargers and we have a promotion where you can get free charging. The more complexity we reduce, the more sales we get.”

Nissan “No Charge to Charge” Program

The Nissan Leaf was already the best-selling EV on the market before the “No Charge to Charge” program, so it makes sense to us that this great deal would drive even more people to check out the Leaf. Come in to Mitchell Nissan soon to check out the Leaf for yourself and find out more about the program, which will allow you to charge your car free for two whole years.

NISSAN Concept Car: 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

Some things are ‘nevers’.  Most of us will never climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, never swim between Cuba and the US, and never visit the moon.   One thing we can do, though, is drive a Nissan concept car.  The latest edition of the Gran Turismo video game is incorporating the Nissan Concept 2020 into their game as part of their ‘fantasy garage’.

What started as a dream project for young Nissan designers in London, UK grew to include a Japanese engineering team once the potential of the design was realized.  The designers used digital technology and their knowledge of current Nissan performance systems to create the supercar of the future for the Gran Turismo 6 PlayStation video game.  After making sure the car was as realistic as possible, an actual concept was created.

Nissan Concept Car Revealed

See the Nissan concept car revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This video shows the Nissan Gran Turismo 2020 car off in all its beauty:

The teamwork between the London and Japan teams allowed the concept car to incorporate adapted race car technology including air flow management, aerodynamics and engineering.

Visitors to the Goodwood Festival of Speed will be able to see the physical car; the rest of us will have to make do with ‘driving’ the Nissan concept car in the Gran Turismo 6 game.  A bonus for the gamers is that the virtual car will be available in 10 different exterior colors.

Nissan GT Academy

Nissan has teamed with Gran Turismo for years on the GT Academy.  The Academy allows online gamers the chance to compete to become professional racing drivers for real.  Past winners have indeed become pros, including 2014 winner Jann Mardenborough, now with Arden International team; and 2008 winner Lucas Ordoñez, who raced the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2014 in a Nissan.


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Nissan Refreshing Carwings System for Future LEAF Drivers

Improvements Coming for Nissan LEAF's Carwings SystemWhen the Nissan LEAF hit the market in 2010, it was all the rage in the automotive world for being one of the first electric vehicles. While the Eco-friendliness of the LEAF made headlines, one of its most unique features, the Carwings system, seemed to exist quietly behind the scenes… until now.

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Nissan is looking to implement some major upgrades and improvements for the LEAF’s Carwings system. Designed to keep track of vehicle information like driving history and energy usage, Nissan’s Carwings telematics system was a new feature created specifically for the LEAF and introduced alongside the EV’s debut. Carwings allows LEAF drivers to view reports on a daily, monthly, and even yearly basis, pertaining to their driving distances, energy consumption statistics, and more.

More recently, Carwings has made it possible for LEAF owners to use their smartphones as a way to remotely begin charging the vehicle, view its charge, and even locate nearby charging stations.

Now, Nissan is ready to kick Carwings up another notch. Although few details have been released, Brian Brockman of Nissan North America hinted that enhancements are in the works: “[Nissan] is always working to determine ways to offer more value to customers via telematics systems like Carwings.”

Nissan’s hope for Carwings is that it will one day be able to track, record, and alert the driver of the health of the EV’s battery. This ability would increase ease and cost of maintenance as well as helping to ensure safe passage for LEAF drivers in terms of proper battery care.

What other capabilities and features would you like to see added to the Carwings system? Tell us in the comments!

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Nissan’s Taxi of Tomorrow Gets Green Light in Big Apple

Nissan's Taxi of Tomorrow Deemed Legal by New York Appeals Court

After over half a year of litigation, the Big Apple’s Mayor Bloomberg is finally getting his way – the Nissan NV200 Taxi of Tomorrow will be the official taxi of New York City (probably).

Back in October, we blogged about the Supreme Court’s halting of Bloomberg’s proposed mandate which would require all NYC cab drivers to switch over to the NV200 within the next five years, making Nissan’s Taxi of  Tomorrow the face of a new unified fleet of cabs. This original ruling that decided the State could not require all cab drivers to purchase the same vehicle has now been overturned by a New York appeals court which recently deemed the Taxi of Tomorrow mandate is, in fact, legal.

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The appeals court’s opinion was written by Justice David B. Saxe and declared the NV200 is a “legally appropriate response to the agency’s statutory obligation to produce a 21st-century taxicab consistent with the broad interests and perspectives that the agency is charged with protecting.”

While the New York Taxi Association could opt to try for a second appeal, things are looking good for Nissan’s Taxi of Tomorrow. Nissan has already been selling the NV200 to NYC taxi drivers for just under $30,000, and if the future of this project runs smoothly, all cabbies in the Big Apple will have to make the switch to the Taxi of Tomorrow within the next three to five years. More Nissan vehicles on the road means good news for our favorite automaker!

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